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Manish Shakya - Embedded System Programming,ARM,LPC2103,8051 Olark Livehelp

Manish Shakya

MSc in Embedded Systems,Oakland University




Welcome to my personal webpage. Here you will find information about me and my work experience.

I love writing firmware for innovative product.There are few micrcontrollers I like

More Information Coming soon

Auto-tracking project

March, 2011

The basic idea of the project is to move robot towards the target location. The USB camera is placed at certain height vertically above the robot. Matlab captures the image of the robot.User gives target for the robot and then matlab analyzes the image and determines the position of the robot and transmits movement data to the robot via wireless link so that it can reach the target point. The figure below depicts the flow of activity for this system.

Here is the video of the project:

Thanks to Pradnya Kumbhar and Shakila Raheem

Accelerometers and Temperature sensors fight SIDS

Feburary, 2011

My article got published in this month.

Link to the article

Time Triggered Scheduler on NIOS II


The video shows very simple stopwatch on DE-70 board for Altera.The code for stopwatch is based on event triggerd scheduler on soft core NIOS II.

OpenVG and OpenGLES in i.MX51 EVK

June 4,2010

Here is a example of OpenVG and OpenGLES in iMX51 EVK


May 7,2010

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a medical term that describes the sudden death of an infant which remains unexplained after all known and possible causes have been carefully ruled out through autopsy, death scene investigation, and review of the medical history. SIDS is responsible for more deaths than any other cause in childhood for babies one month to one year of age, claiming 150,000 victims in the United States in this generation alone - 7,000 babies each year -nearly one baby every hour of every day. It strikes families of all races, ethnic and socioeconomic origins without warning; neither parent nor physician can predict that something is going wrong. In fact, most SIDS victims appear healthy prior to death.

Project Url


April 16, 2010

i.MX51 is cool.I am learning iMX right now. Every testing, I do I put all info in

First Work @ Oakland University

January 23, 2010

I am working under Prof Dr. Subra Ganesan.I am assigned to make program to interface USB Numerical Display with Fit-pc2 running Ubuntu. Here is my initial work.

Embedded Ethernet for LPC21XX

December, 2009

I have ported uIP TCP/IP stack for LPC21XX. For more information :

Patterns for Time-Triggered Embedded Systems(PTTES) Book SDCC Port


I have ported all the C51 source files from PTTES book to a free, open source SDCC compiler. I have used Eclipse with SDCC plugin as IDE to compile source files. I have tested most of the programs using Proteus Simulation software. However, some programs from last few chapters are yet to be tested.


Work @ RTS

Tri-Color Dot Matrix Display

November 13, 2009

Bus Terminal Display

August 23, 2009

Production Line Fault Display(PLFD)

August 19, 2009

The production line fault display(PLFD) is a display unit that displays faults in the production line. I have completed writing firmware for the product.It is ARM7TDMI(LPC2103) based product.Currently, it is used by Krishna Maruti,an ancillary to Maruti Udyog Ltd. (MUL),India.

Click Here for More Information About PLFD

Led Matrix Project

SMS Terminal

Finally, we have decided to not use RS485 Terminal in the security project. We have dropped the idea for now. We'll probably implement it in some other projects in the future.

Few Lines From Perfect Software

In IEEE Computer in January, 2004, Jesse Poore wrote: "Theoretically, Software is the only component that can be perfect, and this should always be our starting point." Software is an odd thing. It's not real; it has no form. Everything in the physical world is full of flaws. Bearings wear, people age, bulbs burn out, and plastic deteriorates. But software, if created perfectly, never wears out.

In general, software isn't perfect, of course. It's created by those aging human beings who make mistakes. Programming requires enormous skills. Programs are some of the most complex of all inventions. The field is young and there's much we have yet to learn. - Jack Ganssle

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